How do you survive without your Chou Chou?

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I am a proud owner of my Chouchou, which I affectionately call it “chouz”. If you have no idea what is a chou chou, you can read this and this to have a better understanding of this article.

There are a lot of Chouchou owners I know, and the types of chou chou each person has varies from a bolster to a little pillow bun or in my case, a pathetic pillow case.

Chouz has been with me since the day I was born, and it has never left me for longer than 24 hours.

Recently I made a mistake of forgetting it while I was in Frankfurt for holiday. I forgot to bring my chouz back to Singapore.

Here are five advises from an insomniac who is apart from her chouz for eight days.

Use up your energy

From the time you end work, head straight to the gym. Sign up for body combat, do body pump, and end it with a spin class. Sounds maniac, but once you look at the time, it’s 10 PM and time to go home!

Once you are home, hit the sack and sleep like a baby.

Or, go home after work, wash the toilet, mop the floor, and clean the kitchen counters with all your might. Take a hot shower, lay on the comfortable bed like it is the best damn thing on Earth. Then close your eyes, and sleep.

Both did not work for me. I still could not sleep without chouz.

Watch drama on your laptop till you sleep or read until you are tired

Watching drama is not my kind of thing, but I have heard of people watching drama till they drool on their laptops.

I like to read before bed, and I tried to read a lot on those nights to fall asleep. But the truth is, I finished reading the book before I fall asleep and the time says 5 AM. Fml.

So this did not really work for me too.

Try to replicate the smelling of chouz with something else like your other pillows

I think this will only work if you wash your casings and sheets once a year. Mine changes weekly, hence, the only thing I smell is the attack detergent.

I recommend this only to people who doesn’t change bedsheets and pillow casings.

Replace the feeling of touching your chouz with something else, like the corners of your blanket, pillows or anything you can find

Finding the corners of anything that can give you the similar feeling your chouz provides. My chouz is 27 years old, so the material is soft and tough to replace.

Tough to say this works for me.

Eat sleeping pills every night

I had to do this on the last 2 nights because I was so sleep deprived, but cannot go into deep sleep without touching my chouz. I took half of the pill prescribed by the doctor.

Did this fully under doctor’s prescription. The doctor did not really believe what I said, and he gave me one pill to split into 2 nights. So do this under doctor’s supervision.

Did this for two nights, and my chouz arrived from Germany with love.

Yay to sleep!

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