Psychological Disorders

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Psychological disorders are patterns of behavioral signs that affects multiple parts of life. What exactly is this? Many diverse disorders have been recognized such as mood swings, depression, personality defaults, antisocial disorder, anorexia nervosa etc. In other words, the diagnostic manual also proposes that behaviors that are usually considered at odds with social norms are not taken as disorders unless these actions are the result of some dysfunction.

Psychological disorders

Some people avoid seeking treatment for such problems because of social issues. However, getting proper treatment is effective. The right diagnosis and treatment can improve one’s chances of getting normal, and reduce the symptoms of such disorders.

1- Anxiety Disorders:

A disorder caused by excessive thinking, fear, and some behavioral changes. It involves a response to a perceived threat. People having this disorder worry about everyday events, gets sudden panic attacks, fear of being watched or judged etc.

Anxiety Disorder

2- Trauma Disorders:

Normal people experience stress but people who are suffering from trauma disorder may experience dissociative symptoms: for example, an inability to remember important points of an event and its flashbacks as if it’s re-occurring. People face difficulty experiencing positive emotions and positive events in his/her life. This can affect children as well as adults at the same level.

Trauma Disorders

3- Bipolar Disorders:

It includes shifts in moods (mood swings), such as Mania or hypomania (experiencing shifts between mood swings and emotions of depression).

Bipolar Disorders


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