La Chulla Vida by Nicholas Patrick

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La Chulla Vida

La Chulla Vida is a story about a young man, Nico, who inadvertently meets the leader of the Ecuadorean narco-cartel, Luiz, while on a semester abroad. Luiz takes Nico under his wing to show him the workings of society’s underbelly, intent on showing him the real problems that plague the city, country, and continent. Nico soon becomes privy to Luiz’s good side and realizes that the difference between right and wrong isn’t as clear as it is made out to be. Eventually, Nico has to decide whether the good Luiz does make up for the bad when the law finally catches up with them.

About Author

La Chulla Vida by Nicholas Patrick
Nicholas Patrick

Nicholas’ journey as a writer began with a blog before progressing to writing articles for various online publications. His love for writing books comes from the desire to provide the full story. After all, many issues are more complex than a 500-word article may suggest. Nicholas’ goal is to be the change he wants to see in this world when it comes to sustaining this world for generations to come. He hopes that if nothing else, his books will start a conversation to galvanize a change towards a better future.

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