Striking comeback of Firefox- Firefox Quantum

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Comeback of Firefox:

Well, I can easily guess your current default browser, and I think you can also guess mine. Yes, you got it right, Chrome is my default browser and so is yours. There were also the times when Mozilla Firefox was the king of Browsers. Due to slow speed, heavy updates and uncountable bugs in the browser, Firefox substituted from its position by Chrome. But Firefox is making a great comeback with its latest Firefox version- Firefox 57 (Firefox Quantum), which could again change your default browser back to the Mozilla Firefox, thus restoring its position.

Firefox Quantum:

Earlier this week, Mozilla the organization behind Firefox released the testing version of the browser named as Firefox 57 Beta 4.0. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox which is about to come is known as Firefox 57 and also called as Firefox Quantum.

“Since the version number – 57 – can’t really convey the magnitude of the changes we’ve made, and how much faster this new Firefox is, we’re calling this upcoming release Firefox Quantum”, company said in a blog post and also claimed “that Firefox Quantum is about 2X faster than Firefox was a year ago.” .

Speed Performance:

Firefox Browser had a lot of bugs which made the browser very slow. This time, Mozilla has taken care of all of that. The Firefox Quantum used high-speed CSS Engine, which runs parallel across multiple cores and hence makes the speed of browser very fast and renders web pages at high speed. The Quantum unlike of earlier versions of Firefox will use very less memory, even less than Chrome. Thus, preserving a proper scale between speed and memory. Take a look at the video uploaded by Mozilla for speed performance: Google Vs Chrome

Better Performance:

Firefox Quantum allows users a better performance on web-app and VR headsets by adding some unusual features, Web Assembly, and WebVR.

Firefox has emphasis more on the working of active tabs. The Firefox Quantum has converted ugly rounded tabs with beautiful squared ones, hence adding a plus point to Firefox regarding Designing also.

The makers of this incredible browser have worked even on tiny things. They smartly used Photon to impress their users. So, by this Firefox gives a hard fight to other browsers regarding design and user interface.

Pocket app:

Firefox released the Pocket app last year. Now it will be more interactive with the Firefox Quantum. Enhancements like users can see trending pages, their saved offline materials. It also has distraction free mode for the smooth experience of its users.Mozilla removed 468 bugs from the browser which made it slower. This situation made the Mozilla team to add BugReplay, a bug reporting tool or debugging tool for web developers where you can record your screen synced with network traffic- capturing bugs in real time. Mozilla even made this BugReplay as an add-on Firefox Browser.

The next important thing is Firefox changed its Privacy Policy Notice document. When users install Firefox, the separate tab of Privacy Policy Notice will appear, which explains why they’re collecting our data. In the notice, it is specified that they are collecting data to provide users a smooth and beneficial experience.


As you can tell from the above post that Firefox is defeating all the other browsers, even our favorite Chrome. I guess, my default browser is going to change from Chrome to Firefox.
Can Firefox again be the default browser of majority or it will fade away like before?

Author:  Sneha Tiwari
Co-Founder of Hyphenible
Website: Hyphenible

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