Editors Picks and Favorite Apps

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Legend - Top AppsLegend – text animation in videos

Legend allows you to turn text into amazing animated typography which you can download in either gif or mp4 format. It has a number of animation styles and filters to choose from. You can even add a picture or a video as your background. It’s fun to use and you can also use it to create an intro for your youtube videos.

Cost: free
Tapas - Top AppsTapas – books and comics

Tapas is a great app to kill some time, it stores a large inventory of web stories and comics for you to enjoy. Tapas houses stories written by thousands of creators on Tapas.

Cost: free
Memrise - Top AppsMemrise – learn languages for free

Memrise provides a language learning experience in a very fun way so that the learner does not get bored. It converts the whole learning experience into a game so that the user has fun while learning a new language.

Cost: free
Ownage - Top AppsOwnage Pranks – send prank calls

This is an app created by the famous Youtuber called “Ownage Pranks”. He is famous for making prank call videos on Youtube. You can prank your friends by sending a generated prank call or you can listen to other prank calls submitted by different users and have a laugh!

Cost: free

Draw Cartoon - Top AppsDraw Cartoons 2 FULL

If you want to learn how to create your own cartoons, then this app is a great way to start as it is very simple to use. You can create amazing cartoons, right from creating characters to publishing. Feel free to send the finished products to your friends or even upload it on Youtube and rise to the fame of a great story-telling animator.

Cost: $4.89
*It also has a free version
Spin the bottle - Top AppsSpin the Bottle

This app is a great simulator of spin the bottle for the classic game of truth or dare. You can change the bottle and the background to your liking. Pre-defined rules of truth or dare are already in the app but you can also add your own rules manually.

Cost: free

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