Did you know these interesting facts?

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There are tons of interesting things in the world that it might be impossible to know all of them or even have realized them. We recently gathered six fun and interesting facts that will surprise and delight you!

#1 You can buy enchanted roses just like the one in Beauty and the Beast:

Enchanted Roses

According to UK company Forever Rose, their roses can survive for three years without water and sunlight. If you keep the roses sealed in the glass domes, they will stay alive and pleasing.

#2 Sacha Goldberger cheered his grandmother by showcasing her as the world’s oldest real-life superhero:

Sacha Goldberger

Sacha Goldberger, a famed French photographer, realized that his 93-year-old grandmother was depressed and feeling isolated. He encouraged her spirits by shooting a photo series of her as a SUPERHERO.

#3 Natural and artificial Light reflects off ice crystals, creating pillars of vibrant colors:

natural and artificial light

When it gets cold enough in the winters for ice crystals to form in the air, light pillars appear. Natural and artificial light reflects off the crystals, creating pillars of vibrant colors that directly hit the sky and gives the vision that you are about to be beamed up.

#4 Austrian actress Hedy Lamarr was a mathematician and inventor of Frequency:

Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr was once known as “the most beautiful woman in the world”. Hardly anyone knew that she was a mathematician and also the inventor of spread spectrum and frequency hopping technology, which was later used for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Her idea was rejected then, so she spent her life desiring for people to notice her brain rather than her beauty.

#5 An Alarm clock runs away and Hides if you don’t get out of Bed:

Alarm Clock

If you don’t get up timely it runs away and hides, whenever you hit the snooze button the clock jumps off and rolls around beeping frequently so you have to get up and catch the clock if you want to turn it off.

#6 Samuel Morse quit his art career and invented the single-wire machine which is now known as Morse code:

Samuel Morse (Morse Code)

The telegraph was invented out of misery. In 1825, artist Samuel Morse was employed as a Portrait Painter. While he was traveling, his wife suddenly fell sick. Back then, it took a long period of time for the news to reach Samuel. By the time he returned back home, his wife was already dead and buried. He was so upset that he quit his art career and focused on finding a better and faster way to communicate. He turned an old telegraph into a single-wire machine which is known as Morse code.

These are amazing facts that will enrich your general knowledge. Keep reading our blog for more mind-blowing facts!

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