Autism Awareness – Effects of Autism

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What is it?

Autism is a mental condition from childhood, featured by great difficulty in communicating and forming terms and relationships with family members and other people, using language and abstract concepts.
Children with autism disorder do not respond to other people in the same way as normally developing children do.

Problems Faced

A child with this disorder has a problem with senses, for example; a child can’t make eye contact while talking, can’t wave Hi or Goodbye without being told to and won’t respond to his/her name as well.
No doubt that Autism is finally accepted as a normal part of human life, even though some people still have stereotypical thinking and they avoid talking to them. Loneliness, few social activities, lack of friends, and human interaction are the most obvious and common problems that arise with autistic people and their families.

Family Issues

People who are suffering face many issues like frustration at not being able to show and express how they feel, or daily anxiety because that can make them appear strange and being judged by others for their awkward behavior. Their siblings may suffer from always being in a stressful and dead environment and are unable to socialize and go out as a normal family. Some of them star taking care of their autistic brother/sister just to help their parents. Most of the parents suffer from depression and are usually emotionally exhausted because of their autistic children and fighting for them. They always have a guilt due to society, but parents must place their primary focus on helping out their kids. Parents must spend most of their money and time towards them (autistic child) and make them the top priority. It may affect their marriage, finances, other kids etc but will show improvements day by day.

Social Issues

People with autism also have a tough time interpreting their social world, as they have never talked and interacted with anyone other than their family so they cannot easily read social cues. This includes facial expressions, gestures, a tone of voice, movements etc. Individuals with autism may stop in the middle of the road to stare a building or something, walk away in the middle of casual conversations, talk on and on about a topic with no such interest, may jump into other conversations without any apparent reason.


In short, we should help them and start making connections to know what they’re thinking about. They might get lost in their own world of thoughts but either way, we all have to understand them and make them feel accepted.

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