7 tips for everyday beautiful hair

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Is your hair a mess every damn waking moment of your life?

Achieving easy, beautiful and manageable hair is actually very simple. Follow our 7 easy tips to achieve gorgeous hair everyday.

1.Comb your hair everyday

Combing your hair might seem like a no brainer. There are so many benefits from this simple action. It stimulates blood and oxygen flow to hair and scalp, distributing natural hair oils to your dry ends, preventing hair from matting and promoting hair growth.

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2.Eat up those nuts

Research have shown that regular consumption of nuts have led to healthy glowing hair. Nuts are packed with essential benefits, like unsaturated fatty acids, biotins and proteins.
Nuts are readily available, easy to snack on and tasty. Walnuts, Pine nuts,Macadamia nuts and Almonds are considered the most beneficial to consume for hair.

3.Choosing the right shampoo

There are thousands of over the counter shampoos to choose from. Where do you begin? Choose a shampoo that is best suitable for your scalp. For oily scalp, use clarifying shampoo. For dry scalp, use a moisturising shampoo. Mix up these shampoos with your everyday balance shampoo to achieve that amazing hair.

The correct shampooing technique is also essential. Make sure your shampoo thoroughly cleanses your scalp, before rinsing off all residues.

4.Regular conditioning and hair mask

Depending on your hair texture, regular conditioning is a must for most. Skipping the conditioner can dry out your hair, cause tangling, breakage and make combing a nightmare. Conditioner helps to fill your hair cuticles for smooth, shiny hair.

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For those with mid lengths and above, weekly deep conditioning hair mask will nourish your hair and prevent unwanted split ends.

5.Stop with the hot tools

Constant use of hair dryer, hot curler and flat iron, is very damaging for your hair. Exposure to excess heat opens hair cuticles, resulting in loss of hydration. Dry, dull, damaged and breakage are common symptoms of overexposure to heat.

Allow your hair to rest on alternate days or use heat protectant to lessen the damage.

6.Don’t over shampoo your hair

It’s important to use the right shampoo, but over shampooing your hair can strip off the natural oils and dry it out. It is not necessary to shampoo your hair every time you shower. Shampoo is only required when your hair is oily and limp.

Try rinsing your hair with water and comb it out after. It removes excess oil and combing evenly distributed your natural hair oil.

7.Trim your hair

Trimming your hair is important to maintaining the shape and removing split ends. It might seem useless to trim, if you are looking to grow out. But Removing split ends will maintain the integrity and prevent further splitting.

Get a trim every 2 months to maintain your length and every 4 months, to grow out your hair.

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