7 Style Tips for Men

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1. Wear perfectly fitted clothes.

Wear perfectly fitted clothes.

The biggest improvement you can make in your wardrobe is to make sure that everything fits you perfectly. By fitting perfectly, I don’t mean those skin-tight clothes, but clothes that fit just nice for your body. If you find some shirts or T-shirts in the store that fits you perfectly, you should probably get two or three of them in different colors.

2. Always go for quality over quantity.

Always go for quality over quantity.

Instead of buying dozens of cheap, low-quality clothes that aren’t going to last long, go for better quality clothes that will last longer and also look good on you. By good quality, it does not necessarily mean branded clothes. Always check the material and not the brand name.

3. Stop dressing like a teenager, dress like a gentleman.

Stop dressing like a teenager, dress like a gentleman.

If you want to look well-dressed, always aim to look mature because maturity is an attractive quality for men. It portrays masculinity, command, and respect. These qualities are what you want people to see in you, so give up those graphic tees, hoodies, and shorts because you have many more options available. Unless you actually are a teenager, stop dressing like one!

4. Class up your footwear.

Class up your footwear.

Shoes are an important part of your outfit (and it’s also what the ladies notice first). It can make or break your whole outfit; beat-up sneakers will ruin an otherwise excellent outfit. So you might want to change them up for something more dignified like brown leather loafers or chukka boots for example. Remember to keep your shoes clean and polished.

5. Invest in some great watches.

Invest in some great watches.

Naked wrists are boring and should be covered up with some accessories such as a watch. A good-looking watch always complements your outfit and makes you look put-together.

6. Always get your suits tailored.

Always get your suits tailored.

Everyone has a different body shape and size. High chances are that the readymade suits you find in stores might not fit one’s body shape perfectly, so you should always opt for tailored suits by spending some extra cash. Fitted suits always look more expensive than an ill-fitted suit.

5. Get yourself a nice haircut.

Get yourself a nice haircut.

A nice haircut could really change one’s outward appearance. The pic above shows what type of hairstyle would look good on different types of face structures.

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