2017 Best Budget Smartphones

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Hey there! looking for a new budget phone but don’t have enough money in the bank for those expensive shiny flagship phones well then you have come to the right place as we will be displaying a list of best budget smartphones which you could consider buying without it being a burden on your pocket.

P.s. the list will not include any iPhones because Apple doesn’t do budget, so if you’re thinking about buying an iPhone, well, then we can’t do anything about that can we…
Before displaying the list let me tell you that these budget phones do not compromise on the specs sheet as all of them have very high end specs offering very smooth performance. Numbers of budget smartphones have also released in the start of this year (2017) which will also be included in the following list. Also I will be displaying (in my opinion) the best budget smartphone there is at the end of this list as it is called the “flagship killer” and has been considered the very best by big tech reviewers i.e. “MKBHD” “THE VERGE” “CNET” and many more.

LIST: (the list sequence is random meaning all of these phones are equally awesome)

1: Nokia 6

Nokia 6 is the very first android phone by Nokia announced early this year (2017).It run on stock android 7.1.1 having a 1080p display. It comes in two variants (3GB RAM, 32 GB STORAGE) & (4GB RAM, 64GB STORAGE)

(approx. price: $229, $299 for 4 GB version)



2: Huawei P8 lite (2017)

P8 lite is the smaller and cheaper version of the flagship phone p8 carrying the same body design having gorilla glass front and back running on android 7.0 ,having 3GB of ram, 16GB expandable storage and powered by a 3000mah battery

(Approx. price : $239)



3: Moto G5 plus

G5 plus is the new 2017 version budget phone of the “G” series.it has an overall metal design giving it the premium look, it has 4GB of RAM running on android 7.0 packing a 3000mah battery and can record video up to 4K.

(Approx. price: $229)



4: Moto G4 plus

Moto g4 plus is the predecessor g5 plus , it has the same 4GB of RAM 3000mah battery but it records video up to 1080p. It runs on android 6.0.1 and is planned upgradeable to 7.0.

(Approx. price: $190)



5: Huawei honor 6X

Honor 6x has a very premium look with the aluminium alloy unibody design. It’s rocking a dual camera of 12mp+2mp in the rear, having 4GB of ram and a huge 3340mah battery. It also has an expandable 32GB storage.

(Approx. price: $230)



6: Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X was released in 2015 alongside 6P as the cheaper version of the two.it is the very last budget phone by Google under the name of nexus.it has a beautiful 1080p amoled display, 2GB runs on stock android can be upgraded to android 7.1.1 and has a very amazing 12 MP camera capable of recording in 4K.

(Approx. price: $390 for 32 GB storage)



7: Sony Xperia XA

Xperia XA has a very beautiful body design and very thin side bezels making the 720p display look stunning. It has 2GB of RAM and a 2300 mah battery. It is the only phone in this list which does not have a finger print scanner.

(Approx. price: $249)



8: Xiaomi Redmi 4 prime

Redmi 4 prime has a very premium body design with 70% screen to body ratio.it has a 1080p display,3GB of RAM, 32 GB expandable storage and a huge 4100mah battery. Specs wise it clearly offers way more for its price

(approx. price: $189)



9: ZTE Axon 7

The axon 7 has very much to offer, it has a premium body design with QHD display. It has stereo speakers with Dolby atmos audio enhancement, 4GB of RAM and a 20MP camera capable of 4K recording.

(Approx. price: $380)



and now the award winning best budget smartphone is *drum rolls*



The Oneplus 3T and its predecessors have all been given the name the flagship killer because each of these phone had flagship specs of their respective year with amazing camera and great battery life and the newest oneplus 3 and the 3T also have premium body design with aluminium build all around giving it that fantastic look of a flagship phone.it is also powered by their unique quick charge known as the dash charge which gives as quoted by one plus “A day’s power in half an hour” It also has 6GB of RAM providing a buttery smooultitasking performance. For further info about specs and price go to www.oneplus.net

(price: $439 for 64GB, $479 FOR 128 GB)

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